I’ve bookmarked four newspapers in my browser. Everyday I scan them for relevant information and news. I used to read one paper newspaper. Paper newspapers annoy me. I never realized how much until I had a choice to read them online. I also paid for them. Today I read them for free.  Sunday paper versions are heavy and messy. I sorted through pages of ads to get to The Week in Review to sort through job postings.  The sports pages went directly into the trash bin. I am a woman of a certain age who was socialized to ignore sports. They just were not ‘lady like’. As I read the paper version black ink rubbed off on my hands.  Today my hands stay clean as I read four papers every morning when I sit down to my computer with my coffee: The New York Times, Newsday, The Palm Beach Post and Sun-Sentinel. 

I fondly recall reading rituals by New Yorkers who have found a myriad of ways to become comfortable with a heavy Sunday edition of The New York Times they religiously purchase every weekend come rain or shine at the local bodega or deli on the corner. In the subways New Yorkers fold their NY Times like origami to change its unwieldy shape from a horizontal orientation to a vertical one so that the paper doesn’t cross the personal boundaries of any  passengers that may be seated beside them or who may stand in front of them during rush hour. This reminds me of  art classes where children are taught how to make palm trees, birds and the like out of newspapers. New Yorkers have a relationship with the Times. They feel free to change its shape. The Times is friendly.