I had fun! There was a lot to do and see at Sunfest 2009. I worked as a volunteer in Guest Services for 5 days. As some of you may know I am the queen of schmooz! I took lots of pictures on my cellphone and a few videotapes of the fireworks on the last night of this yearly art and music festival in West Palm Beach, Florida. I became annoyed when I could not download them from Verizon without purchasing Quicktime Pro. Oh the tedious complexities of our time!

The festival had a successful week of parties, rock and roll, arts and socializing (face to face). The virtual world was abuzz as well with lots of ‘tweets’ and Facebook photo albums! I ate some great fried crab and shrimp, creole style and a funnel cake.

The festival was located alongside the Intercoastal waterway with three large stages and a small stage located in a children’s area organized by “The School of Rock”. I overheard a conversation in the ladies room later in the day about the rock and roll kids. Many had their hair painted like punk rockers with pink and turquoise stripes and gelled into Mohawk dos. One woman laughed as she described a 10 year old singing lyrics about “hell” from a well known rock song. I had to laugh. I thought to myself, “There is hope for humans!”

I took one last stroll through the art and craft village and spoke with several artists. One artist exhibited a bas relief sculpture informed by his experiences with Transcendental Meditation and his love of sci-fi. He exhibited a large metal mandala and spoke with me at length about it’s various elements and how it came to be. In the middle of it one can see a piece of wood that looks more like an elevator spy camera black bubble lens. He explained that it was a symbol for the beginning and the end of time and all things. It is also a symbol for the internal place where one rests in meditation. It reminded me of an amusement park ride model like a Tilt-a-Whirl or a roulette wheel. I love artists!

I stopped by a painter’s booth whose work has staying power. He is a local artist and lives and works in Stuart, Florida. His paintings have clarity and light. He places still life objects next to each other with care. There is love in this painter’s work. It is palpable. See the examples below.

Painting by Castillo, An Artist from Stuart, Florida 2009

Other works that caught my eye were hand tooled wooden cooking utensils made by Richard McCollum. An extra wide fish spatula appealed to me. An educational description of the purpose of the item stated that one could easily lift a whole fish out of a frying pan and slide it onto a plate in one graceful easy move because it was wider than most on the market. I like easy clean up and order in a kitchen! His wooden utensils can be found at http://spootch.com.

I helped to break down the Guest Services booth where I was stationed at the end of the night near the pbpulse.com stage. As I attended to guest concerns and gave directions to a sunglass tent, Famous Nathan hotdog stand and the “VIPee” toilets I listened to rock and roll riffs as dramatic bursts of pink and purple sparkling fireworks illuminated the outline of a tall palm tree above me.

As the crowds dispersed we packed up a pair of crutches, car keys and other lost and found items, cut down signage and loaded up golfcarts with wheelchairs and boxes of programs to be schredded and recycled.

(To be continued in 2010)