Last night I attended The Stonewall Ball in City Place at The Harriet Himmel Theatre. Compass, the local glbt community center sponsored the formal black and white themed event. It is located in America’s newest gay city Lake Worth, Florida. I am a Facebook friend of two of the organizers of the event, Julie Seever and Michael Woods and enjoy following their day to day lives. They are  committed to the glbt community. Last night we dressed to the nines. Elaine Noble, the first openly lesbian or gay candidate elected to office in the United States was the night’s guest speaker. She encouraged us to support Compass and it’s good works. Compass provides AIDS services to this area of Florida.

For the last few days I have been absorbed by the Iran uprising but left Twitter, Facebook and CNN rapid fire accounts of violence, cries for help and bloodshed to celebrate freedom and life. I danced and danced last night. As I spun around on the dance floor with arms held waistlength, hands raised in a gospel praise position, images of whirling dervishes came to mind under the mirrored disco ball and pink and purple stage lighting. I appreciate America. I am patriotic. The glbt community has come a long way baby and yes the goal of equal rights is still a goal.