Jan Harrison, Oran#546777

Agent Orange

As long as I can remember cats have been an important part of my life. They were my best friends when I was a child, and I am equally close to the cats in my life now. When I was in my twenties I raised Burmese cats. Beautiful Pasha and Maja lived to be twenty one years old. One of my dear cats was Huxley, a long haired gray cat…a sweet and wonderful soul, who was born in a commune in Northern California. I wish there was enough room to write about each cat in my life. They have touched me in so many ways. Verdi was a black longhaired feral cat, who had been abused, and hated humans for many years. Then, when she grew old, she changed…and she wanted to spend her last days close to us. It took her a lifetime to learn to trust.

Jan Harrison, I Am H#546796

For many years now we have been rescuing stray and feral cats. They come to our back window and ask for a home. Zoe adopted us a few years ago…. She is feral….She has seven toes on each foot, and a bob tail….She loves our other four cats. Agent Orange adopted us several years ago, after his friend, a feral cat named Tux, died. He came to the funeral and sat at her grave. The next day he came to our window and asked for a home….He is the best cat you could imagine. He is so grateful for his home, and for being loved. His life was not easy before.

Jan Harrison, Shaker sm


When Lilith adopted us she sat outside the window and cried very loudly, frantically asking us to adopt her. She had been abandoned, and she had given birth too young, and the kitten died. She was so sad and frightened. Now…she is a very happy indoor only cat. Agent Orange is her best friend, and he cleans her every night after he comes inside.


The neighbors call Sox…”THE Cat.” He is extremely intelligent. We did not give Sox his name…He had a home when he was a kitten, and the people moved and abandoned him. He associated with a feral cat we named Radar, who seemed to watch out for him. When Radar died, Sox came to our back window and negotiated for a home. About five years ago Sox almost died of kidney failure. Dr. Rugg at Kingston Animal Hospital saved his life. Now Sox is very healthy…and he seems to know the secret of how to be happy. Sox has an attitude….He talks…like he is trying to say words.  Apache was born in the Ft. Apache Building in the Bronx…My partner, Alan Baer, an architect, was working on a project there. Apache is very mischievous and funny, and is best friends with Sox. Apache’s mother, was adopted by the project’s contractor…He arranged to have her flown to North Carolina to live with him after he moved.

Sox on rugsm

I love all the cats in my life…They are an integral part of my art…and I feel that I am one of them.