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Kara Walker-Tome is HOT! The curator cooks!

I attended the opening reception of “Beyond Delicate” an art exhibition curated by Kara Walker-Tome on Friday night in West Palm Beach, Florida. I felt right at home in the white massive exhibition space filled with Pop and Outsider inspired artwork from The Mordes Collection. The Mordes have been generous to host a series of exhibitions by young emerging artists in a section of their space. WhiteBox as it is called is a “…curated community-based artist’s project space that shows emerging and mid-career artists”. The artists share the warehouse space with seasoned artists like Bruce Nauman, Gilbert and George, political satirist videographer Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung and others.

In the current exhibition “Beyond Delicate” four artists, all women use themes traditionally associated with women’s experience; lingerie, pregnancy and erotica to shapeshift, transform tradition to use it as a springboard to other worlds, to empower us . Shamans, hags, crones, witches, ritual objects and healing practices come to mind.

Carol Prusa exhibits a collection of sculptural objects hung on a wall in an installation of circular wood panels made of silverpoint, graphite, titanium white pigment with acrylic binder. In one large circular piece, (shown here),” To Be Many”, fiber optic technology is used to create pinpoints of light that travel through the piece to punctuate a viewer’s transformative experience.

Ms. Prusa describes her work:

“As a “conceptual voyager” I intuit visual solutions to problems contemplated by cosmologists. My intimate painted surfaces are initiated in silverpoint then heightened with acrylic. Metal leaf and fiber optics are added. “… I visually play with the frothy flux created when scientists and artists imagine…”.

OpticNerveTo Be Many by Carol Prusa

Carolyn Sickles combines natural materials like pelage, wings, white feathers and clay to create objects similar to seed pods, Eskimo fetish objects and the art of Eva Hesse. Each is hung on the wall in an environmental installation.


molting: pelage, wings, partnership, 2009 by Carolyn Sickles



Untitled, 2009 raw sugar by Giannina Coppiano Dwin


Giannina Coppiano Dwin exhibited a slip, the lingerie (seen above) with raw sugar to create a tentative and temporary piece of art similar to that created by shamans in Navaho and Tibetan sand painting healing ceremonies.

Georgeta Fondos showed two works of layered burned fabric stretched on canvas that is macabre and eerily like human skin.

The exhibition is open to the public by appointment.
2805 North Australian Avenue
West Palm Beach, Florida 33407
T: 561 842 4131