Showtel is a yearly event curated by Kara Walker Tome held at Hotel Biba, a boutique hotel in West Palm Beach, Florida.

This year emerging artists transformed the hotel rooms into romantic, silly and sometimes spooky environments. The event is like a self propelled ride through an amusement park fun house.

Objects of My Affection by Donna Haynes

Donna Haynes: Objects of My Affection: We are invited to look through oval shaped amber glass windows that have been embedded into a painted antique white door covered with delicate lightly rendered diary or letter entries. The artist describes the inspiration for her art in the show playbill: “I was twelve when my mysterious great cousin Jack passed away . Our family was sent a trunk full of his stuff. It was a treasure chest full of small pieces of his life. These objects were the inspiration for this installation and performance”.

I noticed the smoky orange window at a distance as I stood on the walkway. I was seduced to come closer by its glow. As I approached it I was reminded of gypsy fortune tellers, orbs and the beaded curtains that hang in contemporary tarot shop windows. Victorian ritual objects used by family members to commemorate the dead, locks of hair and hand painted cameo portraits found on gravestones also came to mind. Initially I stood in front of the window dumbfounded and wondered what to do next until I noticed a change in the light and a moving shadow behind the glass. I looked closely. The artist greeted me at the window like a server at a fast food restaurant and offered me a sculpture of a heart and an entree to her imagination.